Image of GRAV Fire-Button™ Portable E-Nail

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GRAV Fire-Button™ Portable E-Nail

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The GRAV® Fire-Button™ is a portable e-nail designed for use with any female-jointed water pipe or upright bubbler. The surface of the e-nail is a sheet of titanium foil set into a removable skillet. The edges of the foil are crimped around a ceramic heating element, and the entire assembly is free of adhesive. The skillet screws into a ceramic joint with 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm tiers. An insulated whip cord connects the joint to the battery, where the e-nail is controlled by a single button. Holding the button will heat the foil to 800° F within 3 seconds while feathering the button achieves temperatures as low as 500° F. The Fire-Button™ comes with a wall charger and two replacement skillets.

Joint : 10mm Male & 14mm Male & 19mm Male
Use With : Concentrate
Comes With : Four Replacement Skillets